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From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team


Dear Minister Donna,

I received a special invitation to be the keynote speaker today at the Knesset in Jerusalem, Israel's parliament, on the topic: "The Iranian Threat" -- which is the subject of my latest book. Joining me on the dais were Dr. Avi Bitzur from Bar Ilan University, an expert on home-front defense, and Dr. Joshua Sokol, Falcon Institute, an expert on unconventional weapons, fighting, and unconventional terror.

It was an honor to stand before the governing body of Israel and share with them from my latest book, "Atomic Iran: Countdown to Armageddon." When you send a gift today of $50 or more to bless the poor, elderly Holocaust victims in Israel, you will receive a signed copy of this book, and also a print of my favorite painting of Abraham and Isaac. I gave a signed copy of Atomic Iran to Benjamin Netanyahu and would like you to have one of the first copies for your gift of $50.00 or more.

I am in Israel to distribute coats and hats to the poor. The need is so great; we are going to extend our campaign to help provide a fleece coat and hat to as many Holocaust survivors as possible. Your gift is so vitally important. As I look in the faces of these precious elderly men and women, I have vowed to do my best to respond to the need.

Israel has been especially hard-hit by the worldwide economic downturn. Because there have been almost 20,000 suicide attacks in the tiny nation, Israel has been forced to spend an enormous amount of money on defense. That has increased now that Iran is threatening to "wipe Israel off the map."

Prime Minister Netanyahu is under incredible pressure from the world, but he is standing firm, committed to defending Israel regardless of the opposition. I know him well, and I know that right now he needs to hear from you that there are still many in America who are standing with Israel.

As a token of my affection for him and of your support, I will present the Prime Minister with a framed print of a beautiful painting of Abraham and Isaac. Your name and the names of all our Jerusalem Prayer Team Members who join me in standing with Israel with a financial gift will be inscribed on the back of the print. When you send your gift I will also send you a copy of this wonderful print. "I will bless them that bless thee..."

If you will join hands with me, together we can also alleviate some of the suffering of poverty-stricken elderly men and women in Israel...

When this urgent need was presented to me, I immediately began working on the arrangements. We found a supplier who could provide both a fleece coat and a hat for just $20 when we bought in bulk! That means your gift of just $100 today could provide love, hope and health for five precious elderly Jews.

I will personally meet with over 150 Holocaust survivors to distribute some of the coats and hats that have already been provided. We urgently need your help to do more! In fact, I am praying that 5,000 Jerusalem Prayer Team members will help by the time I leave Tel Aviv on Saturday morning. The need is urgent. We now have 2,200 members who have already given a gift towards this crisis need.

I am asking every Jerusalem Prayer Team member in over 100 countries to pray right now that God will bless those who have given, and that every member will give one coat and hat.

"Almighty God, we pray a commanded blessing over these beloved saints. Bless them where they need it most. We pray according to your Word which declares those "who bless Jerusalem WILL prosper" (Psalm 122:6) and "You would bless those that bless thee" (Genesis 12: 3).

Your gift is especially critical right now, because there are so many elderly Jews in great distress. Jesus said:

"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me." Math 25:35

Many elderly Holocaust survivors and Russian immigrants in Israel are in urgent need before winter descends. There are approximately 85,000 survivors who, for various reasons, are ineligible to receive a stipend from the State. These precious people desperately need our help.

We as Believers need to bless those who are suffering. I've been in some of these apartments and was horrified to see nothing in the cupboards. Each winter, many elderly Jewish people perish because of sickness, hunger and cold. Together, you and I can change that. We can put a warm fleece coat around the shoulders of an elderly man or woman who survived Hitler's Holocaust

FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW to join hands with me and reach out to them today
with a gift to help provide a fleece coat and hat to help warm their winter days.

Click here to give a donation online: https://www.donation-net.net/CTBF/AIHatsandCoats.cfm?dn=1032&co...

Please give your best gift to help poor elderly Jews. You have the power to comfort Israel with your gift today. It is a way we can support them rather than to keep silent, when they are in such pain.

Barukh Adonai yom yom ya'amos-lanu ha'El Yeshuateinu.

Blessed be the Lord who daily carries our burden, the God of our salvation.

The cost to purchase one fleece coat and hat is $20.00. These two items retail far in excess of that amount. Will you help?

Please say "yes" today. Will you give $40, $120, $200 or more today to help provide warm coats and hats for these precious Holocaust survivors? Your gift of $20 will purchase one coat and hat; your gift of $40 will purchase two; your gift of $120 will purchase six; your gift of $200 will purchase ten coats and hats; your gift of $500 will purchase 25 coats and hats; and your gift of $1,000 will purchase 50 coats and hats for poverty-stricken elderly Jews in Israel.

Click here to give a donation online: https://www.donation-net.net/CTBF/AIHatsandCoats.cfm?dn=1032&co...

For each gift of $50, I will send you BOTH an autographed copy of my latest book, Atomic Iran, and a print of my favorite painting of Abraham and Isaac. These items will make perfect Christmas gifts.

The Bible says "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God." Will you please help today by making the largest gift possible?

Thank you to the wonderful Jerusalem Prayer Team members and friends who have already given to help meet this urgent need. Would you pray that God will speak today to the hearts of those who have not yet given?

Thank you for your love and compassion for some very needy people!

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Mike Evans

Your Jerusalem World News: http://myjwn.com

Your Jerusalem Prayer Team: http://jerusalemprayerteam.org


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This is a wonderful group Sister CeCe, they have really been a blessing to many causes in Israel. And combines us with our brethren there.


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