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December 2013 Blog Posts (8)

Poem: Determination

O Lord, I have purposed in my spirit

to sing of Your greatness and mercy!

Before You I humbly bow and kneel;

with my tongue, I exalt only Thee!

The enemy constantly surrounds me;

my joy they look to slyly steal.

You are my Maker and I’m the clay,

previously molded upon Thy Potter’s wheel.

Since Your words drip from my heart,

no longer can I remain silent.

Use me to write this poetry, filled…

with messages that are “heaven sent”.



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Poem: Unwavering

O my Lord, my eyes are fixed on you;

nothing else matters or blocks my view.

I’ve purposed to set my heart on Thee,

knowing that You have a vision for me.

Remove these silly, earthly distractions

that interfere with our intimate connection.

I’ve been released from shadows of anonymity;

my future is certain, bound solely by Thee.

My desired has been renewed with holy fire;

teach me even more, before my life transpires.

You continue to sustain me with…


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Poem: The Partridge in the Pear Tree

The symbolism of this Christmas classic

has a second, hidden meaning for the ages.

For this song has an ulterior motive,

contained in verses that seem outrageous.

Christ is the truest fulfillment of Love,

in the primary doctrine of Christianity;

therefore, He is the focus of each refrain,

being the sin offering on Crucifixion’s tree.

The pair of turtle doves represents books,

volumes of both the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible embodies…


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Poem: His Amazing Grace Continues

I am surely blessed, knowing…

that God’s grace continues to flow;

for I’m sustained by His presence,

wherever I am or divinely go.

I refuse to be consumed by uncertainties;

for by His grace, all fears are relieved!

My faith will be evident within my life,

which started… when I first believed.

From promises of spiritual prosperity,

I thankfully in praise, raise my voice…

giving utterances of His sacred Word

in which this joyful soul now…


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Poem: Contemplating the Lord’s Prayer

O Lord, holy is Your Name!

As one of Your many children,

my inheritance I openly claim.

Willingly I lift my voice in praise,

thankful for Your new mercies

and the warmth of the sun’s rays.

With genuineness of heart

and a simplicity of words,

I desire for Your kick start…

to begin this glorious day,

as I’m covered with blessings,

and faith’s fragrant bouquet!

Forgive me of my ignorance

and lack of spiritual…


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Poem: Called To Worship (III)

As a Child of God, you’re blessed with favor,

since you’re a joint-heir with our Savior.

Don’t be ‘eaten up’ with unending discontent;

know that He has promised to keep His covenant!

So regardless of the latest, spiritual deluge,

in the Lord, you’ll always find safety and refuge.

Relief for your earthly suffering is coming,

provided to Him your heart-felt requests you bring.

Despite your painful past, your joy can be restored

when you humbly seek… the face…


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Poem: Etched In Stone

Ongoing studies of Egyptian history

demonstrate lessons can still be learned.

Their oversized achievements were possible,

by having its peoples’ hearts turned…

to the idea of a national identity.

Around the Nile’s life giving source,

the commonality of personal survival

eventually produced an effective workforce.

Since times of Middle Eastern antiquity,

the annual flooding of the coastal plains

created the opportunities to trade away



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Poem: Morning Coffee

Morning coffee percolates

beneath my weary eyelids,

as my flesh angrily screams

for its daily stimulant;

scents of French Vanilla

permeate and freshen

the staleness of my kitchen.

Evaluations of the new day

will have to wait until my cup

has been completely emptied...

of its liquid gold.



Joseph J. Breunig 3rd

September 2012

Learn more about me and my…


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